A Brush With Kindness

This program that focuses on exterior works that includes such projects as:  Exterior scraping, caulking and painting, window repair, minor siding and trim repair, Door replacement, Cleanup, brush/junk removal, weather stripping.  


This program is designed to improve the energy efficiency and overall indoor quality and comport of the home.  It includes such projects as:  Replacement of windows and door, caulking/foaming cracks and gaps, insulating attics, minor repairs to ventilation systems, insulating pipes and duct work.  

Critical Home Repair

This program is geared toward extensive interior or exterior work to alleviate critical health, life and safety issues, code violations,  or modifications for accessibility.  It includes such projects as:  Porch or wheelchair ramp construction, Installation or extension of house systems (heating, electrical, plumbing, floor and wall repair/replacement, foundation repair.