Thank you to our donors who have contributed to this current build!  To donate and be a part of this build, click here.

Neighborhood Builders ($5,001 +)

Frank Linda Morse Family Foundation

Block Builders ($1000-$5,000)

  • Bank of America Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • First Assembly of God
  • William Riley
  • Albany Mennonite Church

Home Builders ($100-$999)

  • Thomas Hensler
  • Daniel and Susan Remily
  • Sharon Gisler
  • Joanne  and Donald Rea
  • Beth Everidge
  • Jodi Nelson
  • Jeremiah Megowan
  • Paul and Donna Meyers
  • Howard Poppleton
  • Darrel and Linda Tedisch
  • City of Albany Public Works
  • Don Rea
  • Raymond Hellkamp
  • Holy Cross Mission Society

Foundation Builders ($25-$99)

  • Reginald and Linda Herring
  • Clifford and Judith Clark
  • Mary Jane Girsch
  • Derick Ellingson
  • Ben Braat and Stephanie Whalen
  • Robert Richard and Jennifer Carlson
  • Jamie Williams
  • Joyce Moreira
  • Marlene Culbertson
  • Dan and Delene Haake

Every effort is made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors with accuracy.  Please contact AAHFH  if you believe there is an omission or error related to your support.