Meet the Family

Information on our current families coming soon.




The Homes

Addresses:  1600/1604 Marion St.

Houses are around 1,500 sq.ft.

Your financial support is vital to building a strong and stable community.  Decent, affordable homes improve household health and well-being, leading to increased time on the job and in school; this contributes to family income and education, both essential to breaking the cycle of poverty. 

You can be that “hand-up” for our current families by sponsoring a square foot of their future home ($50/sq.foot).  Did you know that by sponsoring:

1 square foot ($50) Habitat can buy a kitchen light fixture?

3 square feet ($150) Habitat can buy a bathroom vanity?

10 square feet ($500) Habitat can buy gutters?

To contribute to our work please donate online, or send a check directly to our office  PO Box 2400, Albany OR 97321.

Thank you so much for your continued support to those in need in our community. It matters.