Meet the Family

The current Albany Area Habitat for Humanity build is being constructed for Maria and Isidro.

In 2014 we arrived in Albany to find a better future for our family and new job opportunities.  At first, we thought that we could not achieve all of this.  However, with the help of God and the important people in our lives, we believe that we can. 

My wife and I, along with our 7-month old daughter currently live in a mobile home park next to a roadway with very heavy traffic.  Most homes in the park are very run down, covered with mold and there is little space for privacy.  Though I have attempted to maintain our home, due to its age, it suffers from a leaky roof, which I am constantly trying to patch.  Though we haven't seen any appearance of mold, we have chosen not to use one of the rooms  as it is very musty and we are concerned about our health and that of our daughter's.  In addition, we don't own the land that our trailer is on.  It has been made very clear to us that we could be displaced at any time, if the property owner wanted to sell the land.  My wife and I did go to the bank to see if we could qualify for a home loan and though our credit scores were very high, the monthly payments were out of our reach.  We would like a home that will be safe for our family.

We applied for the Habitat program as it offered us the possibility to fulfill this dream.  We are now on our way to becoming Habitat homeowners.

The Home

Location:  Eleanor Street SE

Total Sq. Footage: 1,200 sq.ft.

Your financial support is vital to building a strong and stable community.  Decent, affordable homes improve household health and well-being, leading to increased time on the job and in school; this contributes to family income and education, both essential to breaking the cycle of poverty. 

You can be that “hand-up” for Maria and Isidro’s family; help prevent the potential for them to develop respiratory illnesses as a result of prolonged exposure to a damp and musty home environment by sponsoring a square foot of their future home ($50/sq.foot).  Did you know that by sponsoring:

1 square foot ($50) Habitat can buy a kitchen light fixture?

3 square feet ($150) Habitat can buy a bathroom vanity?

10 square feet ($500) Habitat can buy gutters?

To contribute to Maria and Isidro’s story donate online, or send a check directly to our office  PO Box 2400, Albany OR 97321.